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Bringing Awareness to DIPG, HHT!

Heart to Heart Healthcare Training is proud to sponsor several different organizations as well as bring awareness to different diseases/illnesses. We try to take advantage of our role in providing early education (Certified Nurse Assistant Training) to our future healthcare providers. Most of our students at Heart to Heart Healthcare Training are in college and have large goals in mind. These students will be our future Nurses, Doctors, Physician Assistants, etc. We feel as if it is our duty to help spread awareness about rare diseases that don’t always get the spotlight they deserve. Our hope is that by raising awareness and sharing this knowledge and educating our future healthcare providers on these rare diseases, it will allow them to possibly pursue and contribute to finding cures for these diseases.

Recently we had the honor to sponsor an event bringing awareness and funding to a disease called Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT), also known as Osler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome. This event was organized by Cure HHT. Cure HHT describes this disease as an inherited disease that leads to malformed blood vessels in multiple organs of the body and typically begins with nosebleeds during childhood. HHT can result in serious health problems if not promptly diagnosed and treated. The mission of Cure HHT is to find a cure for HHT while saving the lives and improving the well-being of individuals and families affected by HHT. To find out more information about HHT or to donate and find events near you visit the Cure HHT website at www.curehht.org.

We’ve also had the pleasure to host a fundraiser to help a young boy who is fighting a rare form of brain cancer called Diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPG). Currently there is no cure for DIPG and children/adults diagnosed receive a prognosis of just 9 months to live. DIPG is a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumors found at the base of the brain that is inoperable and typically found in children. We ran a empty bottle/can drive to help Buddy and his family pay for treatments. Buddy, the young boy fighting DIPG, lives in Michigan and has been fighting for quite some time now. We have provided a link to the Team Buddy Facebook page, where you can follow Team Buddy’s journey as well donate if you feel inclined. (https://www.facebook.com/teambuddyboy/?fref=tag)

If you have a disease or illness that you would like us to sponsor and bring awareness to, please feel to reach out to us by email – kfort@h2hhealth.com

Thank you for taking the time to read this and help us spread awareness to these diseases!


We have some exciting news to announce here at Heart to Heart – starting this fall we will be offering a PHLEBOTOMY program that will consist of both online and in-classroom sections. Lecture will take place online, while the lab portion will take place onsite at our school. We will be releasing more details soon… Continue Reading

5-star Reviews

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Happy New Year!

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How can you register for the Certified Nurse Assistant course?

To register for our Certified Nurse Assistant class, you may: 1. Register Online – Go to Apply Now section located at the top of the homepage. 2. Register by mail – Download and fill out Registration Packet Mailed Registration Packet should be sent to: Heart to Heart Healthcare Training PO BOX 69 Flushing, MI 48433 3. To register… Continue Reading

2018 Certified Nurse Assistant Training Schedule

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The Bridget Gakstatter Memorial Scholarship

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Welcome to Heart to Heart!

Welcome and thank you for visiting Heart to Heart Healthcare Training! We thought we would start our first blog post by telling you a little bit about us. We opened in May of 2016 in Ypsilanti, MI as a Certified Nurse Assistant program and CPR/AED/FIRST AID training. We are approved through the State of Michigan… Continue Reading

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